The JOSB premiere a work by Luis Mir Filizzola

The JOSB premiere a work by Luis Mir Filizzola

Luis Mir Filizzola is a young organist and soundtrack composer from Barcelona (30.07.1999). He obtained the second prize in composition at the Conservatori del Liceu in 2017, when he was already starting to enter the audiovisual world. He has worked in different audiovisual projects of fiction, advertising and documentaries, from New York, Madrid, Barcelona or Uganda, as a composer, having recorded the music of a short-thriller with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, later nominated in 2021 at the London Micro Film Festival for his work in “La Partida”.

With the motto “let it sound like itself”, Luís always seeks to bring to each story just what it needs so that it can be told in its fullness and with its own identity. His musical identity has always been linked to the cinematographic language, Mir is passionate about narrative, music and cinema.

“The hidden mystery” comes from a fanfare for brass and a short essay for woodwinds that he composed when he was studying at the ESMUC in 2020. The composition tries to glimpse that restlessness reflected in the main theme that tries to change, develop and evolve, keeping a hidden secret until the end of the work.

Completed in January 2022 and later revised by Francesc Vidal, it will be premiered in programme number 4 of Season VII, on 27 and 28 March, together with works by Borodin and Mussorgsky.

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